"In the course of the longstanding research in cancer therapy Oxygen Multistep Therapy developed through the unexpected discovery of a switching mechanism of the microcirculation in the whole organism.    

This switching mechanism is interpreted as a re-enlargement of the capillary narrowed by oxygen deficiency (old age, disease, distress). The re-enlargement appears after increased oxygen uptake of the blood and improved oxygen utilisation of human tissue over a certain time period. Despite the Oxygen Multistep Therapy is not time-consuming it provides a measurable and long lasting increase of the energy status of untrained people or people stressed by the factors mentioned above.

The remarkable therapeutic effects through this energy increase led to the opening of about 600 centres in the German-speaking area. Since that time more than 100,000 patients were helped by increasing their energy status with this new Oxygen Multistep Therapy." 

Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Manfred von Ardenne

Effects and Objectives   

In the classical medicine, but also today again in the modern one, there are many attempts to use physically generated, exogenous heating–up of the body as therapy. Thereby a great variety of effects on the human organism is observed:

  • Perfusion in organs and tissues is increased. First temperature of the periphery (outer body shell) is adapted to the body-core temperature. Then the temperature and the perfusion increase in the whole organism.
  • Metabolism and functions of elimination are accelerated with increasing temperature.
  • similar to reaction of natural fever Hormone releases (e.g. cortisol) proceeds with a curative effect in the whole organism.
  • The course of allergic and rheumatic diseases is positive influenced by the effects on the immune system.
  • Chronic inflammations become acute. Body-own defense mechanisms then frequently initializes the allevation.
  • Muscle spasm will be reduced.
  • Conduction speed in nerve fibers is accelerated.

General Principle

Selective labilization and damaging of cancer cells in the whole body and stabilization of healthy tissue at the same time.

The thermosensitization of normal cells and cancer cells is not much different under normal conditions, but their characteristics of metabolism are different. Despite sufficient presence of oxygen the glycolysis of cancer cells is much stronger than the glycolysis of normal cells in general.

An approx. five times increased blood glucose level of the patient results in an induced Hyperglycemia. The consequently increase of lactate production and the following decrease of the pH-value (only) in cancer tissue cause an increase of the thermo-sensitization of the cancer cells. Under these conditions a selective damaging of the cancer tissues can be reached by an extreme Whole-Body-Hyperthermia of approx. 42°C, whereby it is not necessary to know the localization of the tumors and metastasis due to the systemic character of this measures.

At the same time an increase of the thermotolerance of the healthy tissues is reached. This is based on a stabilized energy-metabolism by increased glucose and oxygen supply (a high concentration of the inspiration air with oxygen leads to a relative Hyperoxemia).

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