The „Von Ardenne Institut für Angewandte Medizinische Forschung GmbH” is obliged to Prof. Manfred von Ardenne´s life’s work. This principle reflects itself in the development, the production, the distribution and the service of our medical-technical systems for whole-body hyperthermia of different classifications. It is also visible in the offer of all essential variants of Oxygen Multistep Therapy for the people which meet a high quality standard but are yet sold at low prices at our “Center for Oxygen Multistep Therapy”. Above that, we make available scientific information on moderate hyperthermia, systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy and Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

Chief Executive Officer

Office and Bookkeeping

Von Ardenne Center for Oxygen Multistep Therapy (O2MT)

Information Center for systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy (sCMT)

Biomedical Technique

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