Effects and Objectives   

In the classical medicine, but also today again in the modern one, there are many attempts to use physically generated, exogenous heating–up of the body as therapy. Thereby a great variety of effects on the human organism is observed:

The Procedure with Water-Filtered Infrared-A Radiation

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The IRATHERM® Method uses heat radiation to warm up the patient. This radiation is similar to the heat radiation of the sun filtered in the water-containing atmosphere. This kind of radiation (infrared-A radiation) generated by water-filtering is able to penetrate human tissue deeply. Since the radiation is absorbed in a well perfused skin layer (corium) and the blood circulation promotes a rapid distribution of warmth, the epidermis is only slightly affected.

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During the therapy, the patient rests unclothed on a net-guard bed. He is covered by a towel and reflecting blanket. The uncovered head lays on a rolled towel and is not irradiated. The heat radiation is applied through the net from below. Therefore the eyes of the patient are not stressed by the heat radiation. The patient is able to move freely under the cover and thanks to the open construction, the patient is without claustrophobia and mentally relaxed. The Therapist can observe the patient without any hindrances throughout the whole hyperthermia.

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During the therapy the body core temperature and the pulse frequency has to be observed, in rare cases the ECG must be monitored. Infrared radiation doesn’t influence normal monitoring electronics.

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Despite the open design the speed of increase of body-core temperature is mostly higher than in closed chambers. The therapy is controlled individually by choosing the amount of power of the special radiators and a modern monitoring system. The reaction of the radiators follows without delay.

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The therapy modalities can be varied to a wide extent according to patient and indication. Therapy series (e.g. 9 therapies within 3 weeks) show generalized effects than single therapies. At first, the temperature of the shell is raised up to the temperature of the body core. Then, the body core temperature is normally raised up to 38.5°C or, if the indication requires, up to 40°C.

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Possible Indications

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