On June 30th this year the “Von-Ardenne-Clinic for systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy” discontinues its work. We were able to realize these goals which could be achieved with the help of powers and means available to us.

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In 1990, after 30 years of preclinical research for development a new method of cancer treatment, the Ardenne family decided to found its own clinic in Dresden with the aim of leading a high standard institution for the systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy (sCMT). The results of the research done before and the pilot treatments allowed this big step forward. The sCMT is a whole-body hyperthermia which is boosted by a hyperacidification of cancer tissue.

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In 1994 the evidence for a good tolerability of sCMT for cancer patients at an advanced stage could be published. After that, a retrospective case study to underline the effectiveness was done by the doctors of our clinic. It consisted of 490 single sCMT treatments, mostly combined with a well-adjusted chemotherapy. Treating cancer patients showed encouraging results: The progression of the illness which could not be stopped by conventional methods of oncology anymore came to a stable disease for month for 40 to 80% of the cases (acc. to UICC), varying accordingly to the type of tumor. Japanese oncologists published even more impressive results after fourfold-treatments with sCMT. Supported by the German Cancer Trust, a phase-I/II-study was started in 1997 at the Virchow clinic in Berlin. This study is still running. Besides the Virchow clinic the sCMT is used as a method at further clinics and practices, although the original name of the therapy has not always been kept. In 1997, shortly before his death, Prof Manfred von Ardenne and his colleagues were able to publish a scientific monograph presenting their preclinical research from before 1990 and the research done at the clinic afterwards. Above that, publications on SCMT came out on a national as well as on an international level.

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Therefore, the goals to be achieved, were actually realized:

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Undoubtedly, Prof von Ardenne is one of the important protagonists in the field of oncological hyperthermia. For over 40 years, resisting strong opposition, he did not give up his vision of damaging cancer tissue with the help of hyperthermia. The high number of teams who are doing research on hyperthermia in oncology can be seen as a post mortem proof of Prof von Ardenne’s choosing of the right path. He viewed sCMT as a complementary method to conventional cancer treatments. He always supported the opinion that the optimum time point for sCMT is given at an early stage of cancer treatment, e.g. after operation. This has to be proved in the future.

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We are grateful for the confidence placed in us over the past four decades – by many colleagues out of our field inspiring us in constructive, scientific dispute; by practising doctors and by countless number of friends. This confidence encouraged us not to lose direction. We also want to thank our patients who put their trust in us when life was at its most difficult for them.

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 April, 14th 2000

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