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Una selección de conferencias, ferias, congresos y charlas relevantes.

Ärztliche Weiterbildung, Zusatzbezeichnung NHV/Kurs (Medical education course)

20.01.2021 - 20.01.2021 | Essen-Mitte, Germany

Listen to the lecture «Whole Body Hyperthermia» by Dr. A. von Ardenne at the Clinic for NHK & Integrative Medicine / Essen-Mitte Clinics.

38th Conference of International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS)

??.??.2021 - ??.??.2021 | Santander, Spain

Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society held in Santander / Spain, founded by Dr. Haim Bicher (Los Angeles) (verschoben auf 2021; Datum folgt.)
http://www.ichs-conference.org > in Q3/2021

20. Kongress für Prävention und Integrative Therapie (Congress for prevention and integrative therapy)

11.09.2021 - 17.09.2021 | Großpösna, Germany

Listen to the lecture «Oxygen multi-step therapy & whole body hyperthermia – basics and application today» by Dr. A. von Ardenne.

X. Hyperthermie-Kongress Dt. Gesellsch. für Hyperthermie (DGHT) (Hyperthermia Congress)

17.09.2021 - 18.09.2021 | Frankfurt, Germany

Visit our booth with the original whole-body hyperthermia system IRATHERM®1000M at the Hyperthermia Congress of the «Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hyperthermie e.V. (DGHT) in Frankfurt.

13th International Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology (ICHO)

30.09.2021 - 03.10.2021 | Rotterdam, Netherlands

ICHO2020 is the combined intercontinental meeting of the Asian Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ASHO), US Society for Thermal Medicine (STM) and European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO) in Rotterdam.

54. Medizinische Woche Baden-Baden (Medical Week Baden-Baden)

28.10.2021 - 01.11.2021 | Baden-Baden, Germany

Visit our booth with the original whole body hyperthermia system IRATHERM®1000M in UG-15 at the Medical Week in Baden-Baden.
http://www.medwoche.de >Online-Kongress

13th European Congress of Integrative Medicine (ECIM)

05.11.2021 - 07.11.2021 | London, Great Britain

Annual European Congress for Integrative Medicine held in the UK for the first-time at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London.



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