The three levels of whole-body hyperthermia

Whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) or “systemic hyperthermia” is understood as a controlled increase of the body-core temperature for therapeutic purposes. According to the spectrum of effects of natural fever at different temperatures, whole-body hyperthermia procedures are therefore differentiated as follows:

Mild WBT: < 38.5 °C

Moderate WBT: 38.5 °C - 40.5 °C

Extreme WBT: > 40.5 °C

Depending on the therapeutic body-core temperature and the duration of application,
the possible medical use of the WBH is enormously broad:

Relaxation/Wellness with short treatment durations during a mild WBT
Applications in rheumatology, dermatology, psychiatry, immunology and environmental medicine in the context of a moderate WBT up to max. 3h treatment time
Treatment of chronic infections or oncological applications with extreme WBT

Mild and moderate whole-body hyperthermia with IRATHERM®

Mild and moderate whole-body hyperthermia in particular can improve microcirculation, boost the metabolism, help with regulatory rigidity and activate the immune system. Our IRATHERM®1000M uses exclusively skin-compatible, deep-tissue, water-filtered Infrared-A heat radiation (without IR-B / IR-C) for this purpose. In our open system design, we ensure a uniform irradiation intensity over the entire patient level and offer the user an optimal, patient-specific heat supply in terms of location and intensity.

Water-filtered infrared-A radiation with IRATHERM®


Water-filtered infrared-A radiation is the thermal radiation that corresponds to the natural radiation of the sun under the protection of the earth’s atmosphere and to which our skin has been adapted for thousands of years. Using the IRATHERM® principle, which has been developed and proven for more than 30 years, Prof. Manfred von Ardenne has succeeded in reproducing this thermal radiation physically and technically and making it available industrially for sustainable medical use by means of whole-body hyperthermia.

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