IRATHERM®1000M highlights

Our IRATHERM®1000M combines 40 years of experience in research, development and application of whole-body hyperthermia within a system for artificial fever therapy in clinics and practices.

  • Exclusive use of skin-compatible, water-filtered infrared-A heat radiation (wIRA)
  • Uniform irradiation intensity over the entire patient level
  • Individual heat supply in place and intensity by 6 special radiators
  • High power reserve of heat radiation
  • Rapid rise of body core temperature (to 39 °C in approx. 45 min)
  • High lying comfort on a point-elastic special net of highest strength
  • Permanent and all-round free access of the therapist to the patient
  • No claustrophobia, due to open design
  • No cataract danger due to radiator arrangement underneath the patient
  • No toxic load due to secreted body sweat due to net storage
  • Silent dissipation of the filtered out heat by cooling water
  • Cost- and time-saving cleaning after therapy session
  • User-friendly monitoring
  • Elegant system design
  • High compliance

Patient monitoring with IRAcom® and IRAsoft5.0

Hardware and software to collect, display and document hyperthermia-relevant data for mild and moderate whole-body hyperthermia.

  • 3 temperatures
  • ear pulse
  • oxygen saturation
  • 6 halogen lamps with IR-A water filter
  • treatment data
  • logbook
  • printout and data export


Hardware component of IRATHERM®1000M for signal processing to provide temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation and lamp power to the IRATHERM®1000M PC equipped with the software IRAsoft5.0.


Windows®7/10-compatible special software for the IRATHERM®1000M for visualization of hyperthermia sessions.

Acquisition of patient data, anamnesis, therapy planning. Display of therapy time, up to three temperatures, pulse and oxygen saturation as well as temperature gradients. Signaling of limit value transgressions of target temperature and increase of body core temperature. Logbook for treatment notes. Contains IRAview as a comparison portal for hyperthermia sessions. Zoom function for temperature-pulse graphics. Calculation of the temperature dose. Compact printout of all data for documentation and data export for statistical processing.

IRATHERM®1000M in detail

Here you will find the current product brochure and connection conditions for the IRATHERM®1000M as a PDF for download.



Our service offerings are optimally tailored to the needs of our customers, in particular to ensure reliable system performance with high availability at the same time.


Spare and wear parts, available worldwide

Error analysis and repairs

Consumables shipping

Maintenance contracts

Regular system inspections,
including cleaning of components
and calibration of measurement technology

Verification of functional system parameters
(e.g. irradiance)

Software and firmware updates

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