"In the course of the longstanding research in cancer therapy Oxygen Multistep Therapy developed through the unexpected discovery of a switching mechanism of the microcirculation in the whole organism.    

This switching mechanism is interpreted as a re-enlargement of the capillary narrowed by oxygen deficiency (old age, disease, distress). The re-enlargement appears after increased oxygen uptake of the blood and improved oxygen utilisation of human tissue over a certain time period. Despite the Oxygen Multistep Therapy is not time-consuming it provides a measurable and long lasting increase of the energy status of untrained people or people stressed by the factors mentioned above.

The remarkable therapeutic effects through this energy increase led to the opening of about 600 centres in the German-speaking area. Since that time more than 100,000 patients were helped by increasing their energy status with this new Oxygen Multistep Therapy." 

Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Manfred von Ardenne


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The Energetic Fate of Man and its Favorable Influence by
Oxygen Multistep Therapy for Untrained Men (Guidance Values)

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The expenditure of time for realization of oxygen multistep therapy reaches from 18 days at 2 hours each (standard procedure), especially for weak people or people with restricted movement, until 4 days at 15 minutes each in a distance of 2 to 7 days for sufficient motile persons

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The most important characteristics of Oxygen Multistep Therapy are the well-aimed, time-restricted and by measurement controlled oxygen supply via the respiratory tracts combined with medicamentous and physical steps which finally improve the oxygen-uptake and the oxygen-utilisation within the tissue.

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After the end of the treatment a measurably increased energy status will stay for months. The increase can be tested via the “Physical Working Capacity-Test” (or others).

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As a sufficient energy supply is an indispensable prerequisite for the normal functioning of all organs of the human body, the type of therapy (reducing   the lack of energy) explained here has to be of extraordinary universal character.

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Some Indications of Oxygen Multistep Therapy
In the Prophylaxis

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Fighting Illnesses and Suffering

In our “Center for Oxygen Multistep Therapy” – our staff will look after you. You are very welcome to call us under +49 351 2637 449 to find out more about the different variants of treatment we offer or to arrange a meeting in the center. Should you decide for treatment our personnel will do their best to organize treatment-appointments with our doctor which are convenient for you. Our doctor and the whole team can look back on longstanding experience in carrying forward Oxygen Multistep Therapy. For patients who do not live in the area we offer to arrange accommodation in a hotel or hostel nearby.

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