General Principle

Selective labilization and damaging of cancer cells in the whole body and stabilization of healthy tissue at the same time.

The thermosensitization of normal cells and cancer cells is not much different under normal conditions, but their characteristics of metabolism are different. Despite sufficient presence of oxygen the glycolysis of cancer cells is much stronger than the glycolysis of normal cells in general.

An approx. five times increased blood glucose level of the patient results in an induced Hyperglycemia. The consequently increase of lactate production and the following decrease of the pH-value (only) in cancer tissue cause an increase of the thermo-sensitization of the cancer cells. Under these conditions a selective damaging of the cancer tissues can be reached by an extreme Whole-Body-Hyperthermia of approx. 42°C, whereby it is not necessary to know the localization of the tumors and metastasis due to the systemic character of this measures.

At the same time an increase of the thermotolerance of the healthy tissues is reached. This is based on a stabilized energy-metabolism by increased glucose and oxygen supply (a high concentration of the inspiration air with oxygen leads to a relative Hyperoxemia).

Therefore the main steps of sCMT are:

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Extreme Whole-Body Hyperthermia
Induced Hyperglycemia
Relative Hyperoxemia

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which are realized mostly in combination with an adapted chemotherapy.

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Included in an ambulant frame-therapy the sCMT consists of a one day main treatment plus one to two days of stationary observation.

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During the frame-therapy before and after the main treatment the patient passes a conditioning-therapy according to his individual state. Before the day of main treatment, the entire diagnostic to prove the indication and the qualification for the therapy is done.

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One to two days after the therapy the patient usually is released to the ambulant care. Within the coming six month three follow ups will be realized generally.

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Clinical Status   

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“sCMT, including whole-body hyperthermia, accompanied by suitable anesthesiological management and monitoring, does not lead to any serious or sustained organ dysfunction and can therefore be regarded as a safe therapy.”
“as a preliminary result we could find an own standing clinical efficacy of sCMT.”

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Result 1995 in “Von Ardenne-Clinic for sCMT”

490 single-sCMT treatments

mostly combined with chemotherapy

evaluated 3-6 month after sCMT


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